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 Gas Limiting Orifice Valve
Gas Limiting Orifice Valve
Limiting Orifice Gas Valves regulates the flow of gas in the burner for adjustment of air / gas ratio. Limiting Orifice Valves are installed in upstream of nozzle mix gas burner for adjustment air /gas ratio. A V-port plug is adjusted to increase or decrease of flow of gas. Limiting Orifice valves are not designed for turning off gas for which suitable shut-off valves are to be installed in the upstream.
 Gauges & Regulators
We have wide range of the Gauges & Regulators that are offered in the various sizes and make These are used for the various commercial and industrial furnaces application. Our range of products consist of-
  • Air & oil Ratio regulators.
  • Oil pressure regulating valve.
  • Oil micro control valves.
  • Butterfly air valve size 3/4" to 30".
  • Gas pressure regulators.
  • Air & gas regulators.
  • Gas orifice valves.
  • Gas pilots etc

 Micro Control Valve
Oil Micro Control valve
Micro Control Valve is a tight shut-off valve with precision V-oil port for micro-metering and uniform flow of oil through-out the 180 degree sweep of the control handle. Micro Control Valves are tight shut-off valve to prevent dribbling oil into burners during shut-down. It also permits the convenience of shutting off the burner without disturbing the micro control valve limiting orifice setting.

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