Ribbon Gas Burners ( V-Type) Ring Type Gas Burner Torch Type Gas Burners
 Ribbon Gas Burners ( V-Type)
  • All Burner inlet connection is 3/8" BSP.
  • Maximum gas pressure requierd 0.3 kgf/cm2.
  • Longer burners upto 2100mm can be supplied on order.
  • These burner are ideally used along with hot plate for making chappaties,dosa.omelette etc.,as they produce two linear flames (V-shaped) with uniform & wider heat distribution.Also useful for hot cases,drying oven,bain marie,trough & tin bath heating. Enqiure Now!
Model no- Ribbon length Gas Consumtion Rated heat output
NV-1 300mm 1,.59kg/hr 18800 kcal/hr
NV-2 600mm 1.59kg/hr 18800 kcal/hr
NV-3 900mm 1.59kg/hr` 18800 kcal/hr

 Ring Type Gas Burner
Description:These high pressure burner are recommended for heating flad surface vessels. They produce sunflower shaped flame.
Model no- Pressure required Gas Cons Heat output Burner Connection
NM-1 0.3 kg/cm2 1 kg./hrs 11500-kcal/hrs 3/8" BSP
NM-2 0.3 kg/cm2 1.59 kg./hrs 18500 kcal/hrs 3/8" BSP
NM-3 0.3kg./cm2 2.27kg/hrs 25000 kcal/hrs 3/8" BSP

 Torch Type Gas Burners
Description:These high pressure Burners are recommended for heating curved surface vessels as they produce powerful torch type flame.
Model no- Pressure required Capacity Heat output Burner inlet size
NT-1 0.3 kg/cm2 1 kg./hrs 11000 kcal/hrs 3/8
NT-2 0.3 kg/cm2 1.59 kg./hrs 19000kcal/hrs 3/8
NT-3 0.3kg./cm2 2.27kg/hrs 25000 kcal/hrs 3/8
NT-4 0.3kg/cm2 3.54 kg./hrs 40000 kcal/hrs. 3/8

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